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Guy Linton – Specialist Camera Services

Guy has been working with Jibs and remote hotheads for 20 years. His experience and the demands of his clients has seen his specialization grow from jimmy jibs and hotheads to a whole range of specialist camera systems.

Now we are 3 dedicated technicians based at Pinewood studios, offering specialist support and advice to our clients.

Working on documentary, drama, events, promos, music, light entertainment and corporate poductions Guy can offer great flexibility from nicely lit interviews through to Jib shots, steadicams, aerial or tracking shots to deliver a finished product that really stands out.

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For years I have invested heavily in the best & latest kit in order to deliver a finished product that really does stand out. You can have a crew van loaded with a jib, steadicam, Octocopter and the latest lighting and camera equipment.

What People Say

I have used Guy on a range of productions, from huge-scale live broadcasts to complicated, access-driven docs and they have always been exceptionally good at getting incredible footage on jib, drone and handheld cameras under tight pressure.

I can’t recommend them highly enough; the whole team are great fun to work with and always go the extra mile to solve problems and get those impossible shots that elevate the look of a series.

Chris Parkin

Series Producer/Director

I was lucky enough to meet and start working with Guy and his team in 2009 and he has been my cameraman and kit supplier of choice ever since. He’s always ready to drive the length and breadth of the country to any location and then shoots passionately and creatively the moment he arrives. He’s not only a great Steadicam, jib and drone operator too, he’s also brilliant to have around and house-trained for contributors. Also, if you get him excited about a new bit of kit you want to use, he’ll often buy it!

Joff Wilson

Executive Producer

Guy is our one stop shop for our specialist camera needs

Rory Springthorpe

Director , Vivid Broadcast

Working For


The Great British Allotment Challenge, My Kitchen Rules, Hestons Fantastical Food, The Apprentice, Restoration Home, 100k House, Trade Your Way To The USA, Got To Dance, Grand Designs, Househunters International, Dragons Den, Animal Park, Antiques Roadshow, Your Money Their Tricks, Big Spring Clean, Goks Fashion Fix, Property Ladder……

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