Aerial / Drone Filming

We have been filming with Drones for over 8 years, Over this time we have had several drones and as technology has moved swiftly on they have got safer , smaller and much more stable.

We operate a number of Drones suited to different budgets

DJI S900

Heavy Lift / Alexa Mini

The Vulcan is our heavy lift platform, with this allows filming with the Movi pro stabilised gimbal and your choice of camera package

DJI S900

Inspire 2 X7

The Inspire 2 really is the drone of choice at the moment, theres not a lot this Drone can’t do, The X7 comes with 4 Prime lenses and allows filming in either Prores or Cinema DNG. It has great flight times, its fast and can record up to 6K

DJI S900

Inspire 2 X5

The Inspire 2 X5 is the same great platform as the X7 but for clients who don’t need as much picture quality or depth

DJI S900

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All our packages, have 2 way headsets between Pilot and head operator.

DJI Inspire Drone

Package 1 - DJI Inspire

The DJI Inspire is a great piece of kit, it is lightweight and can be packed into a small case and flown or packed into the crew van with ease.  It uses DJI’s own in built cameras, which aren’t to everybody’s taste. It does have limitations, the fact it is so lightweight means it does struggle in windier conditions but as a budget drone it is pretty unbeatable.

DJI S900 with GH4

Package 2 – DJI S900 with GH4 / GH5

We love the S900, it’s a Hexacopter, so 6 blades. Its more stable than the Inspire and we believe it can be flown with more precision than its smaller brother. The GH4 is a great camera and allows 4k recording at 100 mbps.

Shotover Drone

Package 3 – Shotover G1

Aimed at purely at Film, Commercials and Drama – we can tailor an Alexa Mini or Red  with your choice of lenses.


For years I have invested heavily in the best & latest kit in order to deliver a finished product that really does stand out. You can have a crew van loaded with a jib, steadicam, Octocopter and the latest lighting and camera equipment.

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