Blackcam B40 – Camera Tracking System

The  Blackcam B40 is a remote controlled robotic dolly system.  It is small and lightweight and can easily be suspended from standard lighting truss for high tracking shots or the track can be laid directly onto the floor for low tracking shots or even built into a set.

It can be used with our Peepod head or our Shotover stabilized gimbal and can be run completely wirelessly, which saves valuable rigging time.

One operator controls the tracking function with foot pedals whilst controlling the hothead via joystick controls.

Its speed is programmable from infinitely slow up to 13ft ( 4 metres ) per second which gives it the versatility to perform equally well at a Fashion event or a dynamic sports event.

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  • Emmy award nominated
  • Perpendicular , Verticle and Horizontal setup
  • Wireless or cabled
  • Fully Programmable
  • VR/ AR compatable
  • Silent

Blackcam B10 – Mini Cam Tracking system

The B10 really is a brilliant piece of kit, it’s so small it can easily be lost on a stage yet deliver amazing images.

Like its big brother the B40 it can be operated wirelessly but can only cope with small cameras such as a Toshiba IK 4 K or a Panasonic GH4


For years I have invested heavily in the best & latest kit in order to deliver a finished product that really does stand out. You can have a crew van loaded with a jib, steadicam, Octocopter and the latest lighting and camera equipment.

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