Furio Dollies


The Furio is a remote controlled  camera dolly. It gives a single operator complete control of the camera speed, height, pan , tilt and focus. The Furio is made up of 3 components , a motorized dolly, a telescopic column and a remote hothead.

The track and lift functions are controlled by foot pedals whilst the  remote hothead is controlled by a joystick

The Furio can run on either curved or straight track, speeds and parameters can be programmed into the system

The Furio track is narrow guage ( 40 cms ) which means the furio can squeeze in places a conventional dolly can’t

Our clients love the fact the smaller profile of the Furio doesn’t attract attention and it removes the human element from the front of stage.

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  • Furio weight – 60 kgs
  • Track width – 36 cms
  • Max speed – 3 metres per second
  • Max column speed – 15cms per second
  • Max Cable length – 100m
  • Straight or Curved track / Curved track can be made specially to size


  • The Furios are the Dolly of choice for the BBC news and can be seen in action every day
  • Credits – The 1975, London Philharmonic Orchestra
  • BBC News
  • Glastonbury
  • Gary Barlow in Concert
  • The X Factor


For years I have invested heavily in the best & latest kit in order to deliver a finished product that really does stand out. You can have a crew van loaded with a jib, steadicam, Octocopter and the latest lighting and camera equipment.

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